Fairfax Bars


This long-running bar has a live music venue, open-mike nights, and patio seating. Its casual atmosphere makes it a great spot to meet friends for drinks or an evening of conversation. It's located 18 miles from Lombard Street in San Francisco and has over 20 independently owned restaurants. It's also home to a speakeasy. The best part? It's free!

18 miles from Lombard Street in San Francisco

The historic Iron Springs Pub and Brewery, open since 1970, is keeping the live rock tradition alive. The Mac's at 19 Broadway was one of the earliest Fairfax bars, and McCarthy is keeping it going with the Iron Springs Pub and Brewery. He also owns the nearby Deer Park Villa and has a token on his key chain commemorating his last shift.

Located near San Francisco and just four miles off Highway 101, Fairfax offers the perfect balance between work and play. The city maintains its small town charm and ambiance. The average temperature is 80 degrees in the summer and 40 degrees in the winter. Fairfax receives about 47.5 inches of rain annually. A walk through the Fairfax hills will give you a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay.

Home to over 20 locally owned restaurants

With over 20 locally owned eateries in the area, it's no wonder why locals love this place. Mac's is a lively neighborhood bar and restaurant located on Broadway. The menu includes everything from classic cocktails to prohibition style concoctions, as well as carefully curated craft beer and wine lists. Named for an iconic local bartender, Mac's has deep roots in the community. From its rich history of serving locals and bringing live music to Fairfax, Mac's is a community favorite. There is also a large Steinway piano and a red velvet backdrop.

Home to a speakeasy

A new speakeasy is taking over an ice cream parlor on Broadway. Once known as the ice cream parlor, Mac's at 19 Broadway is now home to upscale cocktails, live music and special events. The speakeasy-style bar features a stage that's covered with a red velvet curtain. The bar also offers private dining rooms, an exclusive VIP lounge and a stage for live entertainment.

Featuring performances by local drag queens and performers, the speakeasy is the ideal place for a night out at Fairfax Bars. A drag show performed by the singer Mac Miller features a variety of costumes, including a caged yellow ball slinky, a wrap dress with Pollock splatters, and a red balloon-shaped pair of shoes. The performance is so innovative that Mac received a MacArthur "genius" grant from the National Endowment for the Arts in 2017.

Home to a mountain biking trail

A mountain biker's dream, Southern Oregon's mountain bike trails offer pristine views of off-the-grid landscapes. The Mountain of the Rogue loop is a popular destination for bikers, with technical sections and breathtaking views. The trailhead is at Fairmount Park, with a playground, splash pad, and a fire pit. For picnickers, Gibraltar Trailhead features picnic tables and a fire pit.

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