The Secret of Selling Your Home For 15% More in Fairfax VA

If you're looking to sell your Fairfax VA home for more than you asked for, this article is for you. This home needed extensive renovations and was marketed as a "fixer-upper." The seller also included a bizarre clause about a stranger living in the basement. The seller sold the home for $805,000 and received five cash offers within a week of listing it on the market.

Staged homes tend to be more well maintained

A home's staging can help buyers see how they will live in it and make a decision on whether to purchase it. In a National Association of Realtors study, 77% of buyers' agents said staging helped them picture themselves in the house. In fact, they found that staged homes sold in 40 days compared to 143 days for homes that weren't staged. Whether you use furniture that suits the space or make minor changes, staging makes it easier for buyers to envision themselves in the home.

Buyers are emotionally attached to buying a home. This is probably the largest purchase most people will make in their life, and they often cannot wait to make an offer. Savvy sellers know that appealing to this emotional response can help sell a home quickly and for a high price. With a beautifully staged home, you'll have no trouble attracting potential buyers.

Vacant homes are comparable to occupied homes in Fairfax VA

Vacant homes are comparable to occupied ones in Fairfax VA, but what exactly is a "vacant" home? A vacant home may be in rehab and waiting for a buyer, or it may just be a second home that is not occupied full-time by the owner. Regardless of the reason for a vacant home, the vacancy rate does not necessarily mean a market is in trouble. It may even mean that the market is healthy.

FSBOs fail to sell

One reason FSBOs fail to sell their homes is because they don't properly price the property. Many FSBOs simply can't handle showing requests or property inquiries. They are not phone savvy and don't give potential buyers space to browse the property. Most buyers dislike being pressured to buy a home. By taking the time to learn about the most common mistakes FSBOs make, you can improve your odds of selling your home yourself.

Most FSBOs do not sell their homes for a full fifteen percent more than agent-assisted homes. FSBOs are also more likely to sit on the market longer than agent-assisted homes. This is because of the complicated nature of the real estate sale process, which can make it seem like a full-time job for many sellers. The biggest difference between a FSBO and a fully-assisted sale is price.

Agent-assisted sales are more likely to close

The median days on market for home sales in Fairfax VA have decreased since last month. In addition, the number of agents working for an agent-assisted sale is more than double the number for an unrepresented seller. This may sound surprising, but there are many reasons why agent-assisted sales close faster in Fairfax VA. Here are a few of the most common reasons.

A seller who sells his or her house by himself or herself saves money. The real estate agent's commission, which averages 5% to 6%, can make the sale take longer. Additionally, agents often push sellers to accept the first offer, which reduces the likelihood of the transaction closing. Using an agent also reduces the likelihood of legal issues, which could make your sale fall through.

FSBOs have a 30 day settlement period

Buying a house without an agent can be a good option for some, but not all homeowners. Selling a home on your own takes time and requires a considerable amount of paperwork. Hiring a professional real estate agent has many advantages, including local marketing knowledge and expertise, which can help you sell your home in less than 30 days. Your Realtor will be able to attract buyers to your property through their marketing skills and local expertise. And if you're selling your home without a realtor, you'll save a lot of money, too.

When selling a home yourself, it is important to know the market, calculate expenses and evaluate the price of the property. Many people believe that paying a realtor a six percent commission is a waste of money. But it's important to consider that the realtor's job is not only to find a buyer, but also to handle the transaction. If there's a problem with financing, the sale will be delayed.

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