Which Backlink is Most Powerful?

The defining characteristic of the most powerful backlinks is that they are dofollow links. This means that the website giving the backlink is able to pass on its SEO juice to the website getting the backlink. For example, a backlink from website A with a Domain Authority of 80 would pass great SEO value to website B.
Comment sections

Getting links from comment sections can be very effective for backlinking purposes. Usually, a comment section on a popular blog or website will allow you to insert your URL in the comment box. This is referred to as a comment backlink and is one of the best ways to get link juice. However, you have to be careful to avoid doing anything that will make the comment section look like spam.

Comment links are only useful if you provide helpful and relevant information to the community. Relevant comments will build your authority and reputation in the community. However, comment backlinks shouldn’t be your only SEO link building strategy. Google’s algorithm is becoming increasingly sophisticated with each new update, so it is no longer a wise idea to rely solely on this backlink type.
Resource pages

In the process of link building, it is important to keep in mind that some resource pages are more effective than others. You must assess each resource page for quality and spam, and check whether the link has a nofollow rel attribute. A nofollow rel attribute may be interpreted as a hint by Google, and it may not follow the link. In addition to nofollow, you can use other metrics to assess the power of resource pages.

The content you publish on resource pages should have a value to your audience. Millions of people create pages that do not provide much value. It is extremely detrimental to your SEO to create too many useless pages. Moreover, it will damage your crawl rate with Google.
Editorially placed links

Editorially placed links carry the most weight in the search engines. These types of links are often earned by content creators who actively promote their content to journalists. Editorially placed links are also known as inbound links. Google values these links highly because they are not only relevant to users but also help improve their experience.

Editorial links are the best types of backlinks because they are not only good for SEO, they are also valuable in building traffic. Editorially placed links can be obtained by publishing unique, high-quality content. But you can also acquire these links by purchasing them.
Links from high-authority websites

Links from high-authority websites can boost your rankings in Google, give your website a higher domain authority, and improve your search results. These backlinks also bring you more web traffic, which in turn boosts your sales and brand awareness. To get these backlinks, you need to create quality content. Besides that, you can use various other tactics.

To build your backlinks from high-authority websites, try to create quality content. Some are organic, while others are earned. For example, you can contact high-authority sites and become available as a source for journalists and writers. If you build personal relationships with these writers, you can get backlinks from them.

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